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Who We Are

Following the success of ‘Jones vs T&T’, a fresh flame was kindled in the local LGBTQ+ community.

After three decades of independent (and mainly private) Pride Events in Trinidad and Tobago, a committee was commissioned in 2018 to coordinate and host a revolutionarily organised and publicised ‘Pride month’.

Pride in the 90s

A private Pride event (1990) held at Bohemia

Pride_March_Credit Maria Nunes

Proud participants in T&T's first ever Pride March

History was made in July 2018 when PrideTT hosted Trinidad & Tobago’s very first Pride Parade in Port-of-Spain.

Each year since then, we coalesce a group of dynamic and like-minded community members, and allies, to plan, execute and manage a month of ‘Pride’ activities, which always aspires to represent the diversity of our community and its varied experiences.

Vision Statement

T&T is a nation where there is equitable protection of and access to individual human rights and freedoms, and members of the LGBTQ+ Community feel safe, proud and integrated into our society.

Mission Statement

PrideTT’s mission is to provide a new platform, through LGBTQ+ Pride events and activities, for continued equitable social change in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

Our goal is to have PrideTT celebrations grow and become a staple in T&T’s cultural celebrations calendar, while provoking dialogue, creating spaces for Queer expression, and leveraging the innate skills and talent of our Community to define self-empowerment and pride!


Members of PrideTT's first Coordinating Committee

Our Work So Far

With a united front that's made a commitment to transparency, PrideTT has managed to put together a total of 100 separate events and activities, has engaged with over 3000 persons and has achieved an online reach of over 100,000 individuals.

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PrideTT is a member of the Caribbean Prides collective.

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