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Allyson Benn

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Allyson is a gigantic fairy, with a passionate disposition and an air of urban fire.

I started my life knowing two things, I love to draw and I love to dream, and now, I draw my dreams. It was a love of the flow of watercolours over parchment and canvas in my teen years that showed me where I could take this skill of mine. Eventually I would dabble as far as skin, needles and ink. Though I would leave that path on the way to growing into the artist I eventually be, I find myself playing in modern technology and my art style has evolved, in the near perfect demonstration of what I saw myself doing as I was sitting curled over illustration after illustration. I dreamed of the day when my illustrations reflected the depths of my mind, and I’m elated that I get to share them.

My name is Allyson, but almost everyone calls me Art, it’s short for Artemis, my given nickname. I never really know what to say in bios, because tomorrow I’ll have new experiences and they’ll be even more important and relevant than the stuff I put in the bio today. I’m a gigantic fairy, with a passionate disposition and an air of urban fire. I love cats, crystals and star-gazing.

Nice to meet you.

About the Works

Calla Caldwell: 2894x4093px Orchids In The Sky Galaxy: 2480x3508 Rosette Galaxy: 3363x4757 Hibiscus Galaxy: 4952x7004 Sunflower Galaxy: 3534x4526

All digital copies and prints available at various sizes, canvas and poster for sale. Contact the artist via email to order. Prices may vary for physical copies. All digital work shown for sale are at $80 USD full scale and resolution.

Works by Allyson Benn

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