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Kavir Mootoo

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Kavir paints on canvas, discarded items and clothing.

Kavir Mootoo paints on canvas, discarded items and clothing. Trained as a Landscape Architect, he returned to an art practice in 2008 and now does this full-time. He started with linocut printmaking which he then began doing on T-shirts. He now creates wall and table top art and Hand-painted T-shirts, Tank Tops, fabric, pendants and brooches.

He describes his style as expressionistic or intuitive art, liking to give form to thoughts, feelings, urgings - letting them direct use of materials, tools, colour, form. It allows him to express himself ‘in ways that words and thoughts cannot.’ He believes art is an expression of one’s soul so that another can connect with theirs.

He is inspired by nature, including his garden and the view of the sea from his home, experimentation, freedom of expression, freedom, fashion and architecture; and the possibilities of new ways of living that the pandemic is offering us the opportunity to learn - a slower life that is kind to the planet and its inhabitants.

Works by Kavir Mootoo

Freedom no. 4 - Diamond shapes

Kavir Mootoo, 2021 | Acrylic on 7”x9” board | Framed: $600

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