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Shinelle Ambris

IERE's Youth Salon

Shinelle Ambris is a multifaceted artist living in Trinidad and Tobago with almost 10 years experience in its creative sphere.

Shinelle Ambris is a multifaceted artist living in Trinidad and Tobago with almost 10 years experience in its creative sphere. As a filmmaker, graphic designer, photographer, producer and curator her work is focused on reclaiming African bodies and challenging Caribbean femininity.

Ambris spent time between 2018 to 2020 producing a series of events geared towards encouraging young creatives to showcase their music, art and film. Her digital illustrations and animation works granted her the opportunity to be part of national campaigns like “Men Speak Up!” - Champions Against Gender Based Violence, “Add All Three!” - a national campaign to amend the Equal Opportunity Act and World Festival of Emerging Cinema (WOFEC). In 2019 she was awarded the Norm De Palm Prize for the Best Student in Film Production Level III from the University of the West Indies.

Her film “Wake Up” was an official selection for the Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival (2020). Volunteering with Africa Film Trinidad and Tobago for the past 5 years, she was named featured artist for the 2021 festival. Ambris is currently in the pre-production phase of her third experimental film focused on the Afro and Indo - Trinibagonian exploration of love.

Artist Statement

I have always created illustrations to spread happiness, whether it’s for myself, a family member or friend. This series was specifically designed for the Iere 2021 Artshow, it is based on idea of Powher; the strength of every type of woman, everywhere. The queer black community is often misrepresented, however we do come with different shapes, sizes, voices and senses of humor. I tend to take a lighter approach to my activism and art because I feel like we aggressively defend our existence and that energy is sometimes met with the ignorance of others.

These strategically placed puns that accompany the illustrations are part of the conversation. A declaration of sorts, where the audience is invited to read these words and look at the images to make a connection immediately. In this digital age we are awarded so many opportunities to self-express; placing a rainbow in your bio is not quite necessary but walking in your truth everyday is necessary.

Works by Shinelle Ambris

A Powherful Beauty

10” x 10” | Digital Illustration printed on Poster Paper (Light | Gloss) $400 (TT) / $60 (USD)

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