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PrideTT Memorial 2018

Memorial Event

Remembering and commending our heroes and trailblazers.

Over the past 20+ years, the LGBT+ community has celebrated Pride on a small scale.

The week long celebration would start with the MEMORIAL where we would look back at those who would have passed on. It is of utmost importance that we respect those who would have cut the road on which we now walk.

The programme will have a feature speaker who will bring greetings, support and words of encouragement.

Part of the programme was the reading of the names (the names list is not made up of persons who would have died only from HIV/AIDS, but of all persons we have lost from the Community).

An 'open mic' offers members of the community present the chance to share words of support, including mentioning persons whose name was not on the list. There will also be a viewing of the photo wall.

The lighting of the Memorial candle would be done by a young community member. Followed by other members lighting their candles from the main candle.

Part of the MEMORIAL that persons look forward to is the viewing of the MEMORIAL QUILT, which is made up of square panels 13" by 13" made by family, friends and associates in honour of persons passed.

Persons are encouraged to visit for more info and to find out where what is and how they can be part of what is happening.

Persons wishing to add names to the memorial list should contact the TT Pride Arts Festival Committee by 3PM on the 27th June.

Event Details

Starts at:

6:00 pm on Sunday July 1st, 2018

Ends at:

10:30 pm on Sunday July 1st, 2018




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