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Proudly operating since 2018

Proud Beginnings

Since 2018, the PrideTT committee has taken up the task of coordinating and hosting Trinidad and Tobago’s Pride celebrations with a number of partners, sponsors and allies. Every year, a central theme is chosen for our Pride celebrations, culminating with a parade meant to draw attention to our cause. The theme for 2019 is equALL.

  • Pride 2018 – United4Love

    Following the success of Jason Jones in his case against the state, with love now decriminalized, there was a call for Pride celebrations. A group of activists from different backgrounds came together and began planning. The theme of Unite4Love was chosen due to an unprecedented show of community togetherness during the year of 2018. Trinidad’s first Pride Parade was a testament to this as hundreds of people from everywhere in the nation paraded through the streets of Port-of-Spain to celebrate love and acceptance.
  • Pride 2019 – EquALL

    Pride 2019 in Trinidad and Tobago was a spectacular experience with over 50 events for the LGBTQ+ Community and allies to take part in – over the course of late June and all of July – including the inaugural Iere LGBTQ+ Art Exhibit; inaugural Close Up LGBTQ+ Film Festival; return of Raymond Choo Kong’s ‘Diva’; the ‘We Are …Strong Concert’; and the Grand Parade. Below you can see some of what we have accomplished for 2019.
  • Pride 2020 – #EmpoweredByOurPride

    PrideTT 2020 came back with the addition of digital interaction in a series of online activities geared towards community engagement, mobilisation and empowerment.

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