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PrideTT invites you to join our Vacci-nade

Posted on Wednesday, July 21st 2021

In planning PrideTT 2021, our management committee took the decision to join the national thrust to curtail the spread of COVID-19, by replacing our Annual Parade with a "Vacci-nade" event.

We have partnered with the American Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAM) to facilitate a PrideTT group vaccination on Sunday, 25th July.

All interested persons should visit the Vaccinade Event page and complete the registration form. Further information will then be provided to those registered.

Registrants are also advised that each person should print and complete section 1 of the Ministry of Health pre-registration form, and walk with it to the appointment. This will be important in speeding up the process.

PrideTT continues to do our part in the national development of T&T.

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Sunday July 25th


COVID-19 Vacci-nade

12:00 pm

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